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GBOLA is the only professional trade association in Washington that specializes in leasing private sector commercial building and warehouse space to State and Local Government.

Our Primary Goals

Since our inception, GBOLA has been very successful for our membership. We helped turn the tide of expensive state-owned and constructed facilities with proof that leasing is often most cost effective. With reasoned arguments and accurate data, GBOLA has earned the reputation and respect of key players in the state legislature, the Department of Enterprise Services and the Office of Financial Management.

Our primary goals are interfacing with state and local governments and legislative and regulatory affairs. GBOLA  has retained the services of Mark Gjurasic, Public Affairs Consultant, and Chester Baldwin, Public Affairs Consultant/Attorney, whose role are to represent us before the Washington State legislature and agencies of government. Their roles include the introduction of legislation and reviewing the State Capital Budget, the bi-annual budget, and the Transportation budgets.

GBOLA has also retained the services of Irena Pilchowski, Executive Director, whose role is to oversee the daily operations of the Association. Irena provides the communication link between members and the Board of Directors and has a strong communication link with the Department of Enterprise Services (DES), previously known as General Administration (GA). Irena, Mark and Chet work hand-in-hand to keep members informed.

GBOLA represents a group of building owners who got together in 1994 to promote the efficiencies of the private sector in providing leasehold facilities that best serve the interests of government agencies, their employees and their communities.

Reasons to Join

Learn More About the Benefits that your Membership Carries

We feel GBOLA has a lot to offer you as a potential member. The rewards are apparent. In order to continue on our successful journey, we need to grow as an organization. We invite you to contact the GBOLA Office at 360.485.2390 or at if you have any further questions or our lobbyist Mark Gjurasic at 360.481.6000 or at

We also invite you to our next upcoming GBOLA Board Meetings, which are held the second Wednesday, of each month. The meetings are held at the Rants Group Conference Room on the second floor (724 Columbia St. NW, Olympia, WA 98501). Please contact our Executive Director, Irena Pilchowski, if you are able to join us to see what GBOLA is all about.

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